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Office Ally

Office Ally is designed for offering the complete suite of interactive and ASP web-based solutions that allows patient care from the point of contact in the healthcare provider's office. It facilitates you to receive the benefits from insurance companies and providing overall care management from the IPAs and health plans.
These programs allow patients, health care providers, and IPAs or health plans to interact in real time and offering immediate communication between all parties. In order to ensure the customer satisfaction, the company has partnership with the companies like the health insurance portability and accountability act, ONC-ACB 2014 certified, CAQH CORE certification, Electronic health care network accreditation commission, and Maryland health care commission. 


Office Ally products included clearinghouse, practice mate, patient Ally, and electronic health records. Clearinghouse offering a web based service to health care providers without any charges. This service embedded with online claim entry tool which allows you to create UB04, CMS1500, and ADA claims on the website or use your existing software to create and submit claims electronically. If you want to print a claim, you can use the Office Ally online website You can send the claims to a file instead of printers. Once you logging into the website and send the claims, you will receive an email confirmation immediately one hour later. This process has been done automatically. It will notify you that your file has completed processing. Clearinghouse features and benefits subsumed free setup and training, use your existing practice management software, 24/7 customer support, detailed summary reports, order labs online, no contracts to sign, submit to over 5000 payers, practice management software package, order labs online, and online patient eligibility. Office Ally Practice Mate allows you to access your practice information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It's easy to learn and use. It incorporated all the elements that needed for successful management of the practice. Specifically, Practice Mate is a free software which is full of useful features and benefits that will ensure you to organize and grow the practice. It has the capability to send more than 5000 insurance companies free of charge. The features and benefits of Practice Mate included no contracts to sign, use your existing practice management service, detailed summary reports, free setup and training, practice management software package, and online patient eligibility checking. The company has collaborated with TSI which is an industry leading solution provider that offers healthcare organizations with better tools for debt recovery, receivable accounts, and past due accounts. The patient responsibility balances becoming a bigger concern for healthcare products and services like 1st party reminder notices, and 3rd party diplomatic demands offer clients a quick, easy and affordable way to manage the patient accounts and past due accounts. If you're showing more willingness to find more about unique integrated services, you can go through the online website thoroughly. 

Electronic Health Records

Office Ally electronic health records can make the physicians more effective and streamline the work flow. As this is web based service, you can able to access the patient's records at any time and from any where. In order to help your business effectively, the company facilitates you to consider the myriad of tools. Electronic heath records featured free setup & training, and customizable design & fast implementation. You can customizable for all specialities and capture pay for performance monies. The advantages of EHR included dictation & scanning, capture pay for performance monies, order and receive lab results online, full integrated with Office Ally Practice Mate systems, increase your HEDIS numbers, and auto store common phrases.

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Services of Office Ally

The company offers you different kinds of customer services that subsuming AxiaMed CC Processing, Reminder Mate, A/R management TSI, OA-RX-E Prescribing, real time transactions, auto statement mailing, Intake Pro, and Chronic Care Management. AxiaMed credit card option is provided by the Office Ally to get the best integrated credit card payment processing and reconciliation solution. Based on integrated payments with AxiaMed and a healthcare payment technology company, you can streamline your organization's workflow very easily. AxiaMed make the processing of patient's responsibility very simple. By using these integrated payments, you need not wait for getting paid, reduce A/R days, and collect more revenue at a point of care. The processing of transactions through AxiaMed will be posted to your patient's account ledger in Practice Mate automatically. It eliminates the replicate entries and helping to save your organization time and money. The key features of Office Ally AxiaMed service involving eliminate the manual errors by posting the payments to the ledger automatically and increase your practice's incremental sales. With the use of this service, you can enable your office to setup recurring payment plans for patients and driving incremental sales. It allows the patients to pay their bills by using Patient Ally account. It accepts EMV cards, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. 

OA-Rx-E Prescribing

Office Ally provides a free e-subscribe module that has been designed to seamlessly integrate into Practice Mate and Electronic Health Records 24/7 web applications. The benefits from this e-prescribing module are including identify drug and allergy interactions, view patient eligibility for prescription benefits, and see formerly alternatives. It will allow to create, electronically transmit or print prescriptions. The added feature of the OA-RX module is that the prescriber's can able to send the prescriptions for scheduled medications electronically to pharmacies in a secure, and safe manner. This process of service will increase the patient satisfaction, combat fraud and abuse, and enhance prescriber workflows. 

Reminder Mate

Specifically, Office Ally Reminder Mate supports 16 languages like English, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Norwegian. By using Reminder Mate, you can send multiple reminders at various intervals that are defined by you. As it is fully automated patient appointment reminder service, you can customize the patient's responses like confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments. In order to reaching out to patients, you can save spending of countless hours and dollars with the use of this web service. 


TSI is an industry leading solution provider to offer healthcare organizations with better tools for accounts receivable, debt recovery, and past due accounts. As a customer of the Office Ally, you can access the integrated and recently enhanced payment reminder or collections feature. The benefits involving more patients paying faster with less effort, easy identification of past due accounts & delinquent accounts, consistent follow up or collection program that puts you back in control and improved patient response or communication. It is a systematic approach to patient collections that increases your receivables collected. When you use this service only, you can pay the charges. The practices of this service can ensure all accounts are contacted appropriately based on the account. 

Auto-Statement Mailing

The most essential task of your organization is that ensure the statements processed, printed, and mailed precisely and in a timely manner. In this case, Office Ally's offers auto statement mailing which featured automatic process of accomplishing the needs of the organization like printing, processing and mailing. You can save money with the use of this service and improves your incoming cash flow. It can send your patient's statements correctly on time. The statements are printed and mailed within 12 hours. It allows your team to spend time on more important tasks. 

Intake Pro

Intake Pro enables the online service where your patients can complete intake forms and even sign documents on an intake device. The information is automatically accumulated into your Practice Mate and EHR accounts by eliminating a considerable amount of work for your front desk staff. The patients can complete the Intake Pro forms at home before applying the appointment through Patient Ally. Patient check ins with front desk staff and is given a sync code. The entered information on Intake and agreement forms can be reviewed and automatically populated into the patient's chart. In order to save your money, the company offers you an additional feature from which you can earn an additional $35 to $45 k a year. 

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management practices to bill an average of $42.60 per month for each patient's non face to face care coordination services with minimal provider effort. This approach of web service ensures quality and satisfies all of the core requirements of the bill which included CMS complaint care plan development service, at least 20 minutes of non face to face care management services for patient, tracking of every activity and 24/7 patient access for addressing urgent chronic care needs. 

Resource Center

In this category, you can able to find the information about Office Ally including payer lists, payer EDI enrollment forms, payer ERA enrollment forms, webinars, regulatory info, certifications and HIPAA privacy & security. The customers of this company can get the remote support if you've any queries relevant to the services. Using payer lists, you can get to know information about the available professionals & institutional, dental, workers compensation, and lab interfaces.

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